Experience true cool with this highly constructed jacket with highly breathable mesh panels and commands a list of features.  The Air Pro Season CE AA-rated jacket is the ultimate summer riding companion.

The Air Pro Season is a highly protective, highly breathable constructed jacket made from a high-density abrasion-resistant fabric. All the seams on the jacket have been double-stitched throughout, making this jacket even stronger.  The inclusion of the Air Mesh panels throughout the jacket offers a massive amount of direct airflow, and they allow the warmer stale air to exit the jacket efficiently.

The inclusion of a thermal inner liner offers a layer of insulation when riding in the cooler months of the year. This thermal lining is easily removed from this mesh motorcycle jacket, leaving a lightweight summer motorcycle jacket. You will inevitably be caught out in a rain shower while out on your bike; the Spada Air Pro Seasons jacket includes a waterproof over jacket stored in a large bespoke back cargo pocket.   The collar on the jacket features a soft feel material for greater comfort when riding over those longer distances.  Thanks to the inclusion of high vision reflective piping located in strategic locations throughout this jacket, you will be safe during those night rides.  You will find both long and short attachments towards the inside rear of the jacket to enable you to zip into any compatible trouser in the Spada range.

The Air Pro Seasons has a series of adjustment points; these are on the arms, waist, cuffs, and collar, allowing the rider to tailor the fit of the Spada Air Pro Seasons jacket to suit their body shape.

The jacket comes with a CE approved five-piece armour set offering protection at the back, shoulders, and elbows.

A great summer jacket with lots of protection!

  • CE certified level AA
  • Constructed from a high-density fabric with Air Mesh
  • Double stitched
  • Tektoform® CE five piece armour
  • Highly breathable perforated panels
  • High vision reflective elements
  • Ventilation
  • Removable thermal inner lining
  • Soft feel collar
  • Arm, waist and collar adjustment
  • Waterproof over jacket included in bespoke back cargo pocket
  • Long and short zip attachment
  • Spada lining and Spada pop studs